2019 / 1080p / 10 m 30 s & 10 m 12 s / 2 Channels Animation

In PAIR 駁二藝術家駐村計畫, BOOKANIMA experiments Tai Chi.

Artist has researched several Tai Chi books, and has collected

sounds of tram and trash truck in Kaohsiung during residency.

Animation List :

吳氏 太極拳-鄭曼靑 太極拳 自修新法-太極拳 合編-中國 太極拳-張三豐 太極拳-鄭子 37式 太極拳-太極拳 入門-陳家 太極拳-37式 太極拳-中国體育 24式 太極拳-陳式 56式 太極拳-中國傳統 24式 太極拳-32式 太極雙扇-衛子雲 太極-楊氏 太極拳-新吳氏 34式 太極拳-42式 健美太極-楊式 24式 太極拳-太極導引-太極氣功-24式 立體 太極拳-嫡傳楊家 太極劍 51式

Made at 駁二藝術家駐村 PAIR (Pier-2 Artist in Residency)

<BOOKANIMA: 太極>, Solo Exhibition, July 6-14 2019 @ Young Gallery, Pier-2 Art Center, Taiwan

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