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2013 / 8 m 30 s / 720p / Frottage Animation installation

Paper: <Frottage Animation oloc Boloc 프로타주애니메이션올록볼록>, TechArt 테크아트

'Mass Production System’


With the propagation of the species, humankind has established mass production system, but relatively uniqueness by handwork has been rarefied. Now how many materials have its own originality under copy system, am I indeed leading my materials, and am I the only me?




I have ever put a paper on a coin and rubbed its surface with a pencil in childhood. The image of a coin rose up from intaglio and relief: That was the first artistic experience to a little kid and remains as the warm memory to a grown-up. A small coin in my pocket was just economic value, but after that magic it turned to spiritual something beyond material.


‘Warm Media’


By one artistic visualization, uniform materiality of mass products is transformed to abstract originality in emotional area. By auditory directing, personal memories, the phases of the times products were made, and social meanings for each product are restored. I hope this work reminds about therapeutic aspect of art and puts a little warmth into media genre now being deeply technologized and intellectualized.

Made at OCI Museum of Art

Works by Audience

Works by Audience


2013 / 5 m / 1080p / Frottage Animation installation

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