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2023 / 7 m 08 s / 4K / 30 fps

Hye Soon Seo & Shon Kim

Exhibition: <Mu(Kyung)Gye 무(경)계>

Place: Mugye Gallery 무계갤러리, S. Korea

Date: 11.03-30 2023

The video was made at Jangyu Traditional Market in Gimhae in the late night when there were no merchants or customers.

The various light colors and movements of neon signs create a space for different senses in the market,

and breathe with the rhythm of the sounds of insects on a summer night.

스틸컷1_밤의 리듬_서소형.png
스틸컷2_밤의 리듬_서소형.png
스틸컷3_밤의 리듬_서소형.png
스틸컷4_밤의 리듬_서소형.png
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