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2018 / 9 m 15 s / HD

Direct Animation is an animation technique where footage is produced by creating the images directly on film stock, as opposed to any other form of animation where the images or objects are photographed frame by frame with an animation camera. There are two basic methods to produce animation directly on film. One starts with black film stock, the other one with blank film. Black film (or any footage) can be scratched, etched, sanded, or punched. On blank film the artist can draw, paint, stamp, or even glue or tape objects.


This is an animation hands-on experience that creates animation by changing every frame of 35mm film. It would be useful time to experience film, art, and animation at the same time by touching film and making art on it. Participants will have an exhibition and can review their own works.

Selected students works from

Pratt Institute, Korea National University of Arts, Choogye University for the Arts, Konkuk University, Kyunghee University,

Kyungil University, Hanyang University, Hanyang Women’s University, Kun Shan University, etc.

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motion_Scratch on film.JPG
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