Artist Statement



Artist Stantement


In terms of fine art, my experimental drawing series 'untamed Line' has been executed for several years to create new patterns & volume by unfamiliar tools.

This drawing series has been focused on traces by unfamiliar tool and their connection through black & white, because hardship for handling makes line raw and mono color enables illogical connection of logical lines. Issues of work are creation of new abstract form, the sense of 3 dimensional spaces through 2 dimensional lines and now expanding toward the volume and the mass by graphical patterns and combination with animation.

Painting series 'untamed Paint' is also keeping pace with my line experiment.

Colors play roles for black lines in two ways. One is filling numerous blanks in-between the black lines by my own mathematical formula. In this case, each color exists independently, but harmonize dependently. The other is formatting volume by my own geometric formula based on the light and shade. Main conceptual issues of my current color experiments are founded on the essence of things, inequality between things and illogical connection of logical things.

My idea for unifying the real and the hybrid has been derived as ¡®illogic of logic¡¯ series.

Compounding hand-drawing, hand-coloring and photography, I technically conceal the figure in the abstract with digital manipulation. In conceptual aspect, the misfortunate side of life is inherent in the superficial beauty. Misfortune in life, as if it seems only for ill-fated people but me, may happen to me at a sudden. It means I also might be misfortunate one like them at short intervals, so they and I are not different. I would like to decorate them as I beautify myself, give the most common names to them as we name ourselves and disguise them as I pretend to be logical.

In terms of my art based on multi media, I have been profoundly exploring animation aesthetics with continuous interest in creating new concept of frame, unusual progress of frames, locomotion and an optical illusion caused by frame works.

A series of works 'Moving Painting' are being executed with an issue for uniting animation with fine art and now new experimental subjects are being tried on current works to conceive inartificial frames, connect logical units illogically and introduce dynamic movement into in-betweening process, etc.


July 2009, Shon Kim